Generation Analysis

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Your Electricty Bill is about to be issued. Here's a summary report of your solar system for the same period.

Evaluation Period:
today - April 5, 2023

Performance Qualification: Good, Generation under the expected limits..

Solar Generation: 4,064 kWh

Savings Savings: $337 USD

Trees Trees: 53 = 2,883 kg CO2

Daily Generation

Expected Mean (kWh/day) Minimum Aceptable (kWh/day) Real (kWh/day)
65.8 49.2 67.73

Additional Comments:

- Generation was 35.4% above the minimum aceptable, and 1.2% above the expected mean.
- Energy qualifications are determing using a Data Science and Machine learning, evaluating hourly data of your system perormance.

Thank you for your business. We will keep taking care of your PV System and Investment.

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